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Financial Transmission Rights.

Commercial Model

Financial Models of the MISO System.


Activities to provide Collateral for financial participation.

Data Request/Reporting

Viewing of Public and Non-Public Data.

Day Ahead Market

Activities for OD-1 and earlier.

General Inquiry

Common questions regarding Data and Access to MISO programs.

Generation Interconnection

New Resource Planning.

Long-Range Transmission Planning

Articles regarding Long-Range Transmission Planning

Market Settlements

Financial Market Results.


Activities related to financial markets .


Model activities related to Commercial and Network Modeling.

MTEP (MISO Transmission Expansion Plan)

Transmission Planning, current year- future(s).

Network Model

Electrical Models of the MISO System.


Outage and Real Time Operations.

Outage Coordination (CROW)


Subject matter around MTEP, RA, GI planning.

Real Time Market

Financial parameters of Generators and Load

Real Time Operations

Real Time Market Activities.


How to become& maintain affiliation> How to participate in MISO financial markets.

Resource Adequacy

Capacity Planning.

Stakeholder Governance

Governance of MISO Programs and Policies.

System Access

Activities for viewing MISO information.


Transmission Settlements

Cost involved for the use of the MISO BES.