Knowledge Articles

  • Appendix H Transmission Facilities

    Description: Appendix H Transmission System Facilities is a listing of facilities a Transmission Owner has transferred to MISO for the purpose of planning and operation

    Keywords: Appendix H, MISO functional control, Transmission Facilities, above 100kV, transferred

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    Published On: May 10, 2022

  • Appendix G Non-Transferred Transmission Facilities

    Description: Appendix G Agency Agreement is used for Non-Transferred Transmission Facilities which are transmission facilities that have not been transferred to MISO.

    Keywords: Appendix G, Non-transferred Transmission Facilities, Agency Agreement, 100kV and below

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    Published On: May 10, 2022

  • How to Access MTEP

    Description: How to Access MTEP

    Keywords: MTEP

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    Published On: Jan 25, 2023

  • Help Center Guide to Submit Requests for Access to Restricted Content

    Description: Extranet, Citrix, Member Delivered Applications, Model-On-Demand, ShareFile, Access

    Keywords: Applications, Model-On-Demand, ShareFile, Access, MTEP, ShareFile, PROMOD, BAC, TOCTT, 881, MUG, OPSUG, RASUG, RCTT, ROWG, SOLTT, TPLATT, WAMSUG, Flowgate, Generation Interconnection, Member Drills, Reliability Authority

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    Published On: Dec 15, 2022