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  • Maintenance Margin

    Description: The Maintenance Margin calculation is a planning tool used to determine adequate resource availability when studying planned outages.

    Keywords: Maintenance Margin, Outage, Planned, Availability Study, Resource, Resource Adequacy, Planning Year, LOLE, Loss of Load Expectation, Generator

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    Published On: Sep 6, 2023

  • Generator Return from Outage Procedures

    Description: Procedure to return a Generator back to service from an Outage

    Keywords: CROW, Outage, run, must run,start

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    Published On: Nov 3, 2023

  • Outages returning earlier >205

    Description: My generator can return sooner than expected and it is shorter than the 20% required.

    Keywords: Outage, TRE, MME, CROW

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    Published On: Oct 19, 2023