How can I see and review models and input data for LRTP?
MISO uses Sharefile to post models and input data. See Sharefile Access & Use article on the MISO Help Center for access:

How can I access the economic model PROMOD engine version?
MISO will utilize PROMOD engine 11.5.1 for LRTP Tranche 2 economic analysis, which is set to be released March of 2023. To access this engine and receive general PROMOD help, please email the PROMOD vendor, Hitachi Energy, at

How do I know if I have access to LRTP data? How can I get access if I don’t have it?
LRTP models and input data are in Sharefile. Only authorized individuals designated by certified MISO stakeholders can access this information. If an authorized individual does not have access, a completed Request Access to Restricted Content form should be submitted in the MISO Help Center.

If you’re not sure that you’re an authorized individual, please view MISO’s Non-Disclosure Agreement Types and Instructions or submit a case at the MISO Help Center. Only authorized individuals designated by certified MISO Members, Market Participants, and Authorized Agencies are eligible to execute these agreements.