MISO offers a new way to find the data you and your organization need through MISO Data Exchange. MISO Data Exchange comprises APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that enable users to access MISO Market Report data for use in their own applications.  


Why is MISO offering APIs? 

MISO has historically offered reports comprising analysis and status of market operations. These reports, available on the MISO website, are produced in a variety of formats for users to download and reformat. With the launch of the APIs in MISO Data Exchange, users now have an endpoint from which to collect and consume data in the way that best serves them. Note: MISO will continue to make the market reports available on the public website for now but will eventually discontinue their availability in an effort to fully transition to MISO Data Exchange. 


What data is available? 

MISO Data Exchange currently includes the following:


Pricing API

  • Ancillary Services Market 
    • Day-ahead ExAnte Market Clearing Prices  
    • Day-ahead ExPost Market Clearing Prices 
    • Real-time ExAnte Market Clearing Prices 
    • Real-time ExPost Market Clearing Prices 
  • Energy Market
    • Day-ahead ExAnte Locational Marginal Price 
    • Day-ahead ExPost Locational Marginal Price 
    • Real-time ExAnte Locational Marginal Price 
    • Real-time ExPost Locational Marginal Price 

    Load, Generation and Interchange API

    • Load
      • Day-ahead Combined Demand
      • Energy Market Day-ahead Load Data
      • Real-time LoadSE Demand
      • Real-time FORECASTMW Demand
      • Load Forecast Data for Given Market Date
    • Generation
      • Day-ahead Cleared Generation, Physical
      • Day-ahead Cleared Generation, Virtual
      • Day-ahead Offered Generation ECOMAX
      • Day-ahead Offered Generation ECOMIN
      • Day-ahead Generation Fuel Type
      • Real-time Generation Fuel on the Margin
      • Real-time Generation Fuel Type
      • Committed ECOMAX Generation
      • Offered ECOMAX Generation
      • Real-time Generation Cleared
    • Interchange
      • Day-ahead Net Scheduled Interchange
      • Real-time Net Scheduled Interchange
      • Real-time Net Actual Interchange
      • Historical Net Scheduled Interchange

    Additional APIs will be added as MISO Data Exchange continues to grow. 


    Who can access MISO Data Exchange? 

    Anyone with a profile on the MISO public website can create an account on MISO Data Exchange. For detailed information on how to create an account and access the APIs, view the MISO Data Exchange User Guide in the Learning Center. If you do not have a Learning Center account, please refer to the Learning Center Access Knowledge Article for instructions on creating one. 


    How do I use the APIs? 

    Our APIs use a RESTful style with respective endpoints. Using the API, users make requests — known as calls — to retrieve specific data. Refer to the MISO Data Exchange User Guide in the Learning Center and the API specifications in the API definition dropdown within MISO Data Exchange for more details. 


    Is there a call limit? 

    No, there is not a call limit. 


    Who can I contact with questions? 

    For questions or assistance, please submit a case through the Help Center. When creating your case, select System or Technical Issues for the case category, IT Operations Center for the case type, and Public Data Reports for the case sub-type.