MISO is providing a contact list of Primary and Secondary Commercial Model LBA Contacts and Primary and Secondary Network Model LBA Contacts. To improve the efficiency and collaboration required between Market Participants and Local Balancing Authorities (LBAs) in the development of each quarter’s Commercial Model.

After the contact list is initially created by MISO, the LBAs will maintain and update this list.  An individual from the LBA with the Contact Management Tool (CMT) role will be responsible for keeping their contacts for the LBA Commercial Modelers and LBA Network Modelers current on the list via the MISO Market Portal CMT card.  The CMT user role needs to be assigned by your LSA to your digital certificate.

The contact list of LBA Commercial Modelers and LBA Network Modelers will be posted on the MISO Help Center, Help Center   ( and only accessible to Asset (load or generation) Owning Market Participants.

MISO will only be sharing contact names, email addresses and phone numbers in the contact list of LBA Commercial Modelers and LBA Network Modelers.  Please keep in mind the confidentiality and limited purpose of any data being exchanged between Market Participants and LBA Commercial and Network Modelers during your communication.  LBAs may share with Market Participants only the kinds of data that Market Participants legitimately need for their inputs for the Commercial Model.