The purpose of FERC Order No. 2023 is to address interconnection queue backlogs, improve certainty and prevent undue discrimination for new technologies. To learn more about Order No. 2023, view FERC's Explainer on the Interconnection Final Rule. 


FERC acknowledges the differing characteristics of each region and provides ISOs and RTOs with the flexibility to seek Independent Entity Variations (IEVs) - which are deviations from compliance directives - from the Order to customize interconnection procedures and agreements to fit regional needs. 


Most of the reforms proposed in Order No. 2023 align with MISO's current processes, but there are a few for which MISO plans to file an IEV.


The following image represents each reform and MISO's planned approach.  

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For details about MISO's assessment and planned response to each reform, refer to the full Order No. 2023 Workshop presentation 


If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to the following MISO personnel.