What is the Transmission Solution Window?
The Transmission Solution Window is a construct implemented as a solution to meet the requirements of FERC Order 1000 and serves two purposes. 
  • Specifically, it provides a formal platform for all transmission development entities to submit transmission solutions to MISO and receive five percentage points for Planning Participation in the competitive transmission bidding process. 
  • It is an opportunity for MISO to receive additional thoughts on solution ideas to address identified transmission issues.  This can come from any stakeholder regardless of intent to participate in a competitive transmission bidding process.
To meet the participation requirements the process requires:
  • Transmission solutions be submitted during the prescribed window of dates published by MISO,
  • A submission form must be fully completed along with all required information, and
  • The solution idea must be provided for the particular MISO study in progress for which MISO is soliciting such solutions. Former transmission studies that have been completed or other in-progress studies not subject to the solution window are not applicable.

What solutions are MISO looking for from stakeholders for LRTP?
In the context of the Transmission Solution Window, the terms ‘solutions’ and ‘alternatives’ are often used interchangeably. Regardless of the term, in essence, MISO is looking for stakeholder-driven ideas to identified transmission issues. MISO is developing its potential transmission solutions while also looking to stakeholders for their ideas. Through the open and transparent stakeholder process, MISO will consider these various potential solutions to arrive at a reliable and value-driven transmission grid expansion. For further guidance, refer to the Tranche 2 Portfolio section in this document.

For stakeholders interested in participating in this process, transmission models and input files are provided for both reliability and economics, notwithstanding appropriate UNDA/CEII requirements. MISO does not limit or specify what such potential solutions or alternatives can be.  New transmission lines or substations, upgrades to existing facilities, reactive power support devices, non-transmission alternatives, etc., are all viable ideas for consideration.

How will MISO use the submitted solutions?
MISO will consider submitted solution ideas from stakeholders. Submitted solution ideas could include the entire submitted solution scopes as proposed or select components of submitted solution ideas. MISO may combine components of multiple submitted solution ideas together to create different solution ideas or may combine components of multiple submitted solutions ideas together with MISO developed solution idea components to create different solution ideas. MISO will exercise engineering judgment in determining which solution ideas or portions thereof to consider as additional transmission and/or as alternatives to currently proposed solutions.  MISO may test certain solution ideas as submitted or modified and will not necessarily test all submitted solution ideas.

Who can participate and submit potential solutions?
All stakeholders are welcome to participate in this process. For those who are interested in obtaining the 5% Planning Participation, the solution form must be fully completed with all required information included in the submission. For those not interested in the competitive transmission process, as much information and detail as possible should be submitted to help MISO timely and efficiently process potential solutions. MISO strongly encourages entities to run their own analysis to compare with MISO’s results and potential solutions. MISO also encourages active dialogue through its stakeholder process, which for LRTP is conducted through a series of workshops. It is only through this dialogue that an ultimate set of solutions, or portfolio, can be achieved.

If I submitted projects in the Tranche 1 Transmission Solution Idea Submission Window, will I get the 5% Planning Participation for Tranche 2?
No. A new Transmission Solution Idea Submission Window will be utilized for Tranche 2 and proposed solutions must be submitted during that window.

When will MISO open a Transmission Solution Idea Submission Window for Tranche 2?
Once opened, what is the process for stakeholders to submit their ideas?

MISO has opened the Transmission Solution Idea Submission Window as of the January 26, 2024 LRTP workshop. MISO will close that window on Friday, April 5, 2024.

To submit a solution idea, go to the MISO website on the Long Range Transmission Planning webpage and fill out Submission Forms Part 1 and Part 2 under related documents. Once forms are fully completed, submit them to the LRTP email address at

Tranche 2 modeling and analysis data are posted onto MISO’s Sharefile site, linked below.
MISO will notify stakeholders as new analysis is performed and posted. To access MISO’s Sharefile site, see Data Access section of this FAQs.