All bid and offer information can be verified using the Market User Interface (MUI) Portfolio List. The portfolio submission function is only available to the user with a “Submit” role; however, both “Submit” and “View” roles can view the portfolio list and the contents of an existing portfolio.
In this figure there are four portfolios listed. Only the third portfolio is in valid Status and Credit Status. It is submitted to the auction round (Submit button is disabled and Retract button is enabled). The Required Credit column shows the credit value required for submitting bids and offers in the portfolio.

For detailed more detailed information please refer to the FTR MUI User Manual Section 7: Manage FTR Portfolios. To confirm bid submission, you can refer to section 7.4.7 Submit Portfolios to Auction. Auction portfolio templates in .csv and .xml format can be found at the MISO Website ARR and FTR Market Section under Navigator > MPMA.