Which plans does MISO review? 

  • Only Emergency Operating Plans (EOP), System Restoration Plans (SRP), or Geo-Magnetic Disturbance (GMD) Operating Plans will be reviewed. 

When do I need to submit my plan to MISO for review? 

  • SRP must be submitted to MISO annually, as well as whenever there is a change to the plan. EOP and GMD must be submitted to MISO whenever there is a change to the plan. 
  • Submission should occur AT LEAST 30 days (if possible) prior to the plan's anticipated effective date. 
  • MISO will review the submitted plan within 30 days of receipt of all documents necessary to complete our review. 

What if my plan hasn’t changed since the last time I submitted it? 

  • You are still required to submit your System Restoration Plan annually to MISO for review. 


How do I submit my plan? 

  • Effective Friday March 29, 2024, the process for submitting plans changed. Instead of submitting plan documents to MISO via email, plans should be submitted via a case in the MISO Help Center. The information you are required to submit has not changed, only the process for submitting plans. For step-by-step instructions on how to submit a plan, view the Operating Plan Submittal Guide in the MISO Learning Center. If you do not have a Learning Center account, please refer to theLearning Center Access Knowledge Article for instructions on creating one. 
  • Submission is NOT considered received if: 
    • Any documents are missing. 
    • The submittal is not filled out in its entirety. 
      • Please do not use “N/A” alone for a response to a required question. Instead, briefly explain why a response of non-applicable is appropriate. 
      • Please do not use “see previous submittal” as a response. Each submittal is looked at individually. 


My plan was rejected – how do I resubmit it? 

  • After a plan has been rejected, you must make corrections and resubmit your plan via a new case in the Help Center. When creating a new case to submit your corrected plan, please reference the original plan submittal case number in the description field. 


What documents do I need to include? 

  • Please include a copy of all documents that comprise your Plan with your submittal 
  • Instructions on how to include these can be found in the Operating Plan Submittal Guide in the MISO Learning Center. 


How do I get help? 

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