Which plans does MISO review?
  • Only Emergency Operating Plans (EOP), System Restoration Plans (SRP), or Geo-Magnetic Disturbance (GMD) Operating Plans will be reviewed.
When do I need to submit my plan to MISO for review?
  • Plans must be submitted to MISO annually, as well as whenever there is a material change to the plan. Submission should occur AT LEAST 30 days (if possible) prior to the plan's anticipated effective date.
  • MISO will review the submitted plan within 30 days of receipt of all documents necessary to complete our review.
What documents do I need to submit?
  • Please submit a copy of your plan as well as the completed submittal worksheet.
  • Submission is NOT considered received if:
    • Any documents are missing.
    • The worksheet is not filled out in its entirety.
      • Please do not use “N/A” for a response to a question in the worksheet. Instead, briefly explain why a response of non-applicable is appropriate.
      • Please do not use “see previous submittal” as a response. Each submittal is looked at individually.
    • An incorrect version of the worksheet is used.
    • The submission failed to go through the inbox.
What is required when submitting plans with editorial-only changes?
  • Plans with editorial-only changes may be sent to MISO and accepted without a full review provided a red-lined copy is submitted with the clean copy.
    • Editorial changes include the following:
      • Correction of spelling error, punctuation, or grammatical errors.
      • Correction of formatting errors and other typographical errors.
      • Change in contact information for an individual that is listed in the plan.
How do I submit my plan documents?
  • All documents must be sent to the inbox. MISO does not currently have another method of receiving member plans for review.
  • Documents may be sent with password protection, provided the password is sent in another email.
  • Encrypted emails/documents are likely to be caught by MISO’s email filtering as potentially harmful. Do not send encrypted emails.
How do I get help?
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