The following chart represents the Dynamic Interchange Schedule Implementation Process. 



Responsible Party

Due Date

 Market Participant also submits a Dynamic   Transfer request through MISO’s Help Center. Market Participant MISO – 1 year prior to activation.
 Note: Non-MISO entities may require notification beyond 1 year.
 MISO responds to Market Participant with   proposed Dynamic Interchange Schedule
 activation schedule.
 MISO 1 month after notification.


Responsible PartyDue Date
 Determines needed operational procedures and   studies. MISO Reliability   Coordinator 1 month after notification.
 MISO determines required studies and whether   Market Participant needs to submit transmission   service request on MISO OASIS. Note: Non-firm   service is acceptable for a Dynamic Interchange   Schedule. MISO Transmission   Provider 1 month after notification.
 Agrees to provide MISO ICCP object IDs BA   Agreement Section 4.5, MISO BPM 010 – Network   and Commercial Models – Existing BA Tie Line   Requirements, MISO BPM-031 ICCP Data   Requirements – Real-time Market Input
 Local Balancing   Authority 1-3 months after notification, depends on Quarterly Model Update   Schedule.

Transmission Service Evaluation

Responsible Party

Due Date

 New Dynamic Interchange Schedule requests   require Transmission Service (Firm or Non- Firm). All Customer will submit Firm and/or Non-Firm transmission requests   in accordance with the timing listed in the MISO Tariff, Attachment   J. MISO must confirm transmission requests prior to use in a   Dynamic Interchange Schedule.

Conditional Approval

Responsible Party

Due Date

 Parties agree to proceed with Dynamic   Interchange Schedule implementation (MISO and   external BA/RC, Market Participant). All Agreed upon Conditional Approval Deadline.


Responsible PartyDue Date
 Review requested Dynamic Interchange Schedule   and parameters. Confirms parameters with   external Balancing Authority.  MISO Network Model Update Submission Deadline.
 Adds Dynamic Interchange Schedule to MISO   Models, if required. MISO Modeling Network and Commercial Model Update Schedule.
 Confirms measurements fulfill Local Balancing   Authority obligations and measurements are
 configured, tested, and ready for activation.
 Local Balancing
 Authority, MISO
 30 days prior to activation date.
 MISO Models released to production. MISO Modeling Upon Quarterly Model Update Schedule.


Responsible PartyDue Date
 If needed, MISO and external Balancing Authority   hosts conference call with Market Participant to   support cutover. MISO and External   Balancing Authority Cutover to activation.