Why am I receiving excess congestion dollars? 
At the end of the prior year after FTRs were fully funded, the market will pass excess congestion dollars to transmission settlements for distribution to transmission customers based on firm PTP and NITS MWh allocation.

Excess Congestion Dollars Received = Excess Congestion Dollars (Market) * Customer Prior Year PTP and NITS (MWh) / MISO System Wide (MWh)

On Statement TS0 Tab
Excess Congestion Dollars Received = Column Z
Excess Congestion Dollars (Market) = Column X
Customer Prior Year PTP and NITS (MWh) = Column AL
MISO System Wide (MWh) = Column AM

More information along with the MISO system wide MWh number can be found here:

NOTE: The MWh for firm PTP (7) and NITS (9) can be found in each customer’s monthly transmission statement files throughout the year.  The customer would want to include the latest MWh from a peak load adjustment.

On Statement Settlement Instance Tab
AREF (TSR or NITS Contract) = Column C
Schedule = Column H
MWh = Column AL
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