The Attachment O contact roles should be kept updated at all times.  This role assignment drives certain permissions such as viewing an Account’s Attachment O materials, submitting Attachment O cases on the entity’s behalf, etc. and should be used for any person who has responsibility for preparing, submitting, or communicating with MISO regarding Attachment O annual review materials, protocol postings etc. 

How can I update Attachment O contact information for myself or someone at my company?
Users must be logged into the MISO Help Center to submit this request.  If you do not already have a profile, you can request one here
Once logged in:
  1. Go to ‘My Support’ tab/ Click Open a New Case.
  2. Choose applicable Account.
  3. Select Category: Attachment O Formula Rates.
  4. Select Type: Update Attachment O Contacts.
  5. Populate other fields requested in the case.
  6. Submit Case.

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