Thank you for attending MISO’s Annual FTR Auction Workshop. On the call, there were two questions that required follow-up.

1. MISO distributes an FTR position collateral workbook. Is an updated version available?
The workbook that MISO distributes for market participants is called "FTR Auction Exposure.xlsx". The workbook allows the user to enter data for their FTR positions along with Tariff-specified minimum bid requirements. MISO has validated the calculations in the workbook, but Market Participants are responsible for entering the data in accordance with the Tariff. Please ensure that the minimum bid requirement values are entered correctly. A copy of the workbook has been posting on the MISO public website under Markets and Operations->ARR and FTR Market->Guides and References-> Other Reference Documents.  Please contact the MISO Help Center if you have specific concerns about the workbook.

2. MISO used to post a calculator to determine ARR values based on auction prices. Can that be provided?
The ARR Price Compiler was an Excel VBA-based tool that was available on the MISO web site until 2011. The tool would copy/paste data from allocation and auction results files and calculate ARR values per the calculations in BPM-004. As it used VBA macros to run code on the user's computer, we do not intend to republish the tool.

If you have any questions, please visit the Help Center.