MISO Planning Resource Auction (PRA) Timeline for the Planning Year 2023-2024

DateProcess and NotesResponsible
Tariff Reference
Mar 31, 2023MISO uploads new Schedule 53 UCAP/ISAC Ratio and Schedule 53 SAC, which impacts Schedule 53 ZRCs used in FRAPS and ZRC TransactionsMISO 
Apr 3-17, 2023Confirm and Convert SAC for Schedule 53 ResourcesMPs 
Apr 3-17, 2023Convert NRIS SAC into ZRCsMPs 
Apr 3-17, 2023Input FRAPs and ZRC Transactions in MECTMPs 
Apr 3-17, 2023Enter and review ERIS SAC, TSRs and ZRC ConversionMP/MISO 

Apr 18, 2023
Planning Resource Auction offer window for all seasons is opened
Auction Offer window is opened at 8:00 am EPT for MPs to submit ZRC offers



Apr 21, 2023
Planning Resource Auction offer window for all seasons is closed Auction Offer window is closed at 6:00 pm EPT


Apr 24, 2023
Iterations of seasonal auction runs with adjusted seasonal CILs and CELs may be required to ensure that a network loading is not violated. Additionally, MISO will work with the IMM to evaluate potential withholding. The reference levels are used to determine financial withholding. The mitigation of financial withholding can be expected to reduce the auction clearing price.


May 19, 2023Seasonal Planning Resource Auction results posted.
May 22, 2023For MP's selecting this option, assess the Capacity Deficiency Charge
(1st business day after pra results have been published)
May 27, 2023MISO sends out the Capacity Deficiency Charge 5 business days (or as soon as
practical) after assessment.

May 31, 2023
Information due to satisfy ICAP Deferral must be submitted to MISO in order to avoid ICAP Deferral Non-Compliance Charge.
(Last Business Day)


69A.7.9(a) (2)

May 31, 2023
Information due to satisfy DR Deferral Notice must be submitted to MISO in order to release credit requirements and avoid potential 3 x LMP performance

DR Owner

Jun 01, 2023MISO publishes cleared LMRs to applicable operations tool.
Must Offer performance requirements in the applicable operations tool.
Jun 01, 2023Summer season in New Planning Year startsAll69A.7

Jun 03, 2023
Capacity Deficiency Charge payment due Payment made within 7 business days of receipt.

Jun 05, 2023
Capacity Deficiency Charge payments made to MPs.
Actual payment date may vary depending on above payment receipt date.


Jun 18, 2023
Publish details of the ZRC offers submitted in the PRA - Market Participant IDs are not revealed.
(One month after PRA)


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