In response to FERC establishing a Show Cause Proceeding (Docket No. EL23-46-000), MISO will be performing the following:

1. Upload the recalculated Schedule 53 UCAP/ISAC Ratios into the MECT
2. Revising all Schedule 53 resource SAC and ZRCs in the MECT
3. Removing Schedule 53 ZRC Transactions in the MECT
4. Removing Schedule 53 ZRCs from FRAPs in the MECT
5. Continuing to refresh and publish the Preliminary PRA data postings on the Resource Adequacy webpage

Action required in the MECT by Market Participants involved with Schedule 53 ZRCs prior to the opening of the offer window on April 18:
  1. View the revised Schedule 53 resource SAC and Converted ZRC values
    1. In the Confirm SAC display of the MECT, review the SAC of your Schedule 53 resources.
    2. In the Convert SAC display of the MECT, review the ZRCs and available ZRCs of your Schedule 53 resources.
    3. In anticipation that most MPs may not have to take action.  MISO has left these resources in a Confirmed status and retained the conversion into the revised ZRCs.
  1. ZRC Transactions
    1. Re-enter your Schedule 53 related ZRC Transactions.
    2. As is normal practice, both Buyer and Seller are required to perform ZRC Transactions in the MECT.
  1. FRAP
    1. If Market Participants used a Schedule 53 resource ZRC in a Fixed Resource Adequacy Plan (FRAP), the Market Participant will need to update and resubmit the FRAP with the revised Schedule 53 ZRCs.

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Below are guides to the ZRC Transactions and FRAP functions of the Module Capacity Tracking (MECT) Tool to assist Market Participants in navigating and accommodating these changes.

ZRC Transactions

As a result of actions being taken to address FERC Docket No. EL23-46-000, any ZRC Transaction tied to a Schedule 53 resource has been removed.  Therefore, the Market Participants will need to re-create the ZRC transaction.
The ZRC Transactions screen allows Market Participants to either view or assign Zonal Resource Credit balances for the purpose of transaction with other MPs. The screen will also allow Sellers to set up the sale of available ZRCs and the Buyer designated by the Seller to either accept or reject the ZRC Transaction.

Note: Until the Buyer either accepts or rejects the ZRC transaction, the Seller cannot use the ZRCs from the designated Planning Resource for another use. New ZRC transactions can only be set up by the owner of the ZRCs.

Re-creating the Schedule 53 ZRC Transaction:
1) Navigate to Planning Resources from the menu header.
2) Select ZRC Transaction.

3) Select correct Season.
4) Click New Transaction.

5) Enter Contract Name.
6) Enter Amount of ZRC.
7) Use drop-down to select Buyer NERC ID.
8) Use drop-down to select RZ.
9) Use drop-down to select the Planning Resource.
10) Click Create to save or Cancel to go back without making changes.

Fixed Resource Adequacy Plans (FRAP)

As a result of actions being taken to address FERC Docket No. EL23-46-000, any Schedule 53 ZRCs involved in a FRAP has been removed.  Therefore, the Market Participants will need to re-submit the Schedule 53 ZRC as part of their FRAP.

The FRAP screen allows Asset Owners to designate specific Planning Resources to meet their PRMR. This may be done using an Asset Owner’s Planning Resources or other Planning Resources obtained through ZRC transactions.

Navigate to the Fulfillment main menu.
FRAP in the drop-down menu.

To designate planning resources to a PRMR first click the Resources button in the desired LRZ row.

A pop-up screen that will display all the planning resources for which the Market Participant has ZRCs from. This includes both planning resources owned by the Market Participant and those acquired through Zonal Resource Credit transactions.

To apply a Planning Resource’s ZRC to a FRAP, enter the amount of remaining ZRCs that will be used in the Total Applied ZRC field.

Click Submit Records.