Access to the Operator Interface (OI) in MISO's Customer Connectivity Environment (CCE) and Production (PROD) environments required a Local Security Administrator (LSA) to provision access using the Self-Service LSA tool.

To access the Self-Service LSA Tool in CCE, go to:
To access the Self-Service LSA Tool in PROD, go to:

The LSA will be prompted to select the digital certificate that is registered to the LSA account. Once in the CCE or PROD Market Portal, navigate to the Self-Service LSA (SSLSA) card and select the Create/Manage Portal Users link. 

To manage user access, choose the Create/Manage Portal User link. The LSA can choose to update an existing user or create a new user for access to systems in CCE or PROD.

For access to the Operator Interface, the LSA will need to provision the appropriate accesses that they currently conduct to allow their operators access to the MISO Communications System (MCS). The access levels needed for the OI is the same that is currently used for the MCS. 

The following roles are available for provisioning based on the MCS and Operator Interface User type that their NERC ID is registered as. 

For more information on user provisioning, reference the Self-Service LSA Tool User Guide. 

When will the Operator Interface be available? 

Access to the Operator Interface will be available to external stakeholders by September 1, 2023. This is to allow continued development of the tool without adverse effects to MISO Stakeholders but will also be available for external stakeholders in preparation for Workshop #3 currently scheduled for September 18, 2023.

By September 1, 2023, there will be a new Operator Interface card in the CCE environment of the Market Portal where users will be able to log into the tool. Access to the PROD environment of the Operator Interface will be opened at a later date.

Having Trouble Accessing CCE?

If you currently have access to the CCE environment of the MCS, then you will automatically have access to the CCE environment of the Operator Interface when it is released to external stakeholders. The CCE environment of the MCS can be accessed using the instructions outlined below.

If you do not have access to the Operator Interface in CCE, when it becomes available by September 1, 2023, please contact your company's registered LSA. If you are unsure who your LSA is for your company, please reach out to the Client Services & Readiness team at

Accessing the CCE Environment of the MCS

Step by Step Instructions: 

1) Go to:
2) Select a certificate to authenticate yourself and click OK.
3) Select "Login" located on the MISO Communication System card shown below:

Note: If you do not have access to the system, you will need to contact your LSA with the information above to be provisioned access. 

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