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Please have the market participant provide the following information by filling in the details in the attached PDF.

Market Participant

Each MP is responsible for retrieving their Market Settlement Statements from the Portal.
Market Settlement statements remain available to MPs with valid access certificates through the MISO Portal and through the automatic programmatic interface for a minimum of six months.


What are the statement types that are needed?

MP SummaryMP Summary DA
AO SummaryRT

What perspective of dates should be used?


Settlement Date - the day the settlement is scheduled to be performed.


The Settlement Date of 04/16/2022 would include the following Operating Dates

  • 04/09/2022 - S7
  • 04/02/2022 - S14
  • 02/20/2022 - S55
  • 01/01/2022 - S105

Typically requested to backfill for missing zip files that have been archived from the Customer Portal.

Operating Date - the settlements results for a Market Day


The Operating Date of 01/01/2022 would be included in the following Settlement Dates

  • 01/08/2022 - S7
  • 01/15/2022 - S14
  • 02/25/2022 - S55
  • 04/16/2022 - S105

Typically requested for analysis of a particular Market Day from zip files that have been archived from the Customer Portal.

Settlements typically returns the Settlement Date for the S105 when requesting data by operating date. So in this example, the MP would expect the 4/16/2022 Settlement Date statements including the S105 for 01/01/2022 to be provided. In the case of a resettlement for the requested Operating Date, Market Settlements will use the Settlement Date of the latest resettlement for the requested Operating Date.

What date range is needed?  


What is the Reason for the request?

Is the requested data included on a existing public report? If so, which one?


Additional Details


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