What cost allocation mechanism will MISO use for Tranche 2?
MISO will continue to focus on solutions in Tranche 2 that provide a variety of benefits for the region. As with Tranche 1, MISO anticipates the Tranche 2 portfolio will deliver sufficient benefits to qualify under the current Multi-Value Project (MVP) cost allocation mechanism, with costs allocated only to the subregion where benefits are spread to ensure a roughly commensurate “beneficiaries pay” cost allocation that meets the requirements of MISO’s Tariff.

Are new cost allocation mechanisms being discussed at MISO?
Discussions with stakeholders are ongoing to consider alternative cost allocation mechanisms for Tranches 3 and 4.

How can I get involved in cost allocation discussions?
Stakeholders may engage in ongoing cost allocation discussions through participation in MISO’s Regional Expansion Criteria and Benefits Working Group (RECBWG).

Where can I get more information on cost allocation?
Existing Tariff provisions for Multi-Value Project cost allocation can be found in Attachment FF to the MISO Tariff.

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