What types of analysis will MISO perform in LRTP Tranche 2?
MISO plans to perform thermal and voltage steady state analysis (powerflow) along with transfer capability analysis, voltage stability, angular stability, and production cost analyses for Tranche 2. MISO may include additional studies as issues are identified throughout the planning process. Initial issues identification has been posted to Sharefile for stakeholders with the appropriate non-disclosure agreements in place. See direct links under Transmission Solution Idea Submissions section of this FAQ.

What type of considerations go into selecting a best project?
The objective of the LRTP projects is to ensure the reliable and economic delivery of energy as the resource portfolio shifts. In addition to solving identified issues, a project in LRTP may be considered the best alternative due to relative cost impacts, use of existing infrastructure, available ROW and other benefit savings.

How will MISO treat JTIQ projects in Tranche 2, and will they be included in the base models?
Tranche 2 will include all MTEP projects approved as of MTEP22. The Joint Targeted Interconnection Queue (JTIQ) portfolio is anticipated to be approved during the Tranche 2 study process; its impact on the LRTP portfolio will be determined after approval.
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