How will stakeholders be able to engage in the LRTP process?
A series of Tranche 2 workshops will provide opportunities for stakeholders to provide feedback and ask questions, and MISO PAC meetings will include LRTP activity updates primarily through the MISO Liaison Reports. The workshops will be posted as they are scheduled and PAC meetings are currently posted on the MISO calendar. MISO will also provide periodic updates to the MISO BOD and its System Planning Committee.

MISO’s Feedback Tool and LRTP email address will be used for stakeholder feedback. MISO will utilize formal feedback requests to facilitate stakeholder feedback related to specific needs during the process. The Feedback Tool will also be used to submit informal feedback regarding topics such as process, policy or other types of information and inquiries not specifically asked for in a formal request. The LRTP email ( will be used strictly for detailed technical/engineering feedback related to modeling and analysis.

Are workshops open forums or do I have to be a MISO market participant or member to participate?
All MISO LRTP workshops are open forums. As with all MISO stakeholder forums, when asking questions, participants are required to identify themselves and who they represent.

How will information differ between LRTP workshops, PAC meetings and BOD meetings?
LRTP workshops will be the primary focus for discussions on process and analysis for the draft LRTP portfolio prior to approval. These workshops will provide stakeholders the opportunity to ask questions and participate in detailed discussions on high level and technical aspects of planning methodology, model building and study results. PAC meetings will provide policy discussions, as needed, on the LRTP process and facilitate discussion of the recommended portfolio prior to its potential approval. MISO BOD meetings will focus on major goals and milestones.
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