When will the MISO Board of Directors approve the Tranche 2 portfolio?
The Tranche 2 effort commenced during the fourth quarter of 2022 and is expected to be finalized with MISO Board of Directors approval later in 2024.

When will models and analysis be ready for stakeholder review?
MISO has completed building both economic (production cost-based) and reliability (powerflow) models for Tranche 2 with stakeholder engagement. MISO has also performed initial issues identification. Tranche 2 modeling and analysis data are posted on Sharefile. To access MISO’s Sharefile site for transmission planning data and information, see Data Access section of this FAQs.

How does the portfolio review and approval process work and when does MISO anticipate having a Tranche 2 draft portfolio available for stakeholder review?
As with Tranche 1, Tranche 2 will follow the MISO Transmission Expansion Plan (MTEP) approval process, which includes stakeholder review steps leading up to the MISO Board of Directors (BOD) approval. The process will begin with review, feedback, and recommendation by the MISO Planning Advisory Committee (PAC), then moves to the System Planning Committee of the MISO BOD and is followed by final approval by MISO’s full BOD. Workshops will be held throughout the planning process to facilitate technical discussions and provide a forum for stakeholders to share ideas and feedback.  MISO posted its initial draft proposal on Monday, March 4.

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