Current Information

DART MUI API Information
It is important to note that answers to questions specific to the API requirements and use can be found in the following documents:

DART MUI General Information
Any other information regarding DART MUI (including information on DART MUI Notifications, Access, Transaction Types – and much more!) can be found in the documents:

Known Issues with DART MUI
We also continue to track current known issues that have been sent to the vendor for resolution.  If a customer has a question or complaint about specific functionalities, it may already be known and you can check this document.  If the issue is documented here, we can tell the customer that MISO is aware of the issue and we’re waiting for the vendor to provide the solution.  They should be invited to check that document periodically, to see PROD target dates or if the item has been removed from the list, indicating resolution.

Upcoming Changes

We will be removing the MUI 2.0 API Mapping to Legacy API document, as the information is dated and deemed no longer relevant.

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