Seasonal Accredited Capacity (SAC) Templates, Calculations & Upcoming SAC Confirmation

On December 15th, MISO will be publishing Seasonal Accredited Capacity (SAC) values for acceptance. To help prepare you, MISO has compiled several resources to help you understand the templates, values, and processes.

Introduction to Seasonal Accredited Capacity - This computer-based training is high level overview of what SAC is and how it is being implemented by MISO. 

Schedule 53 - Seasonal Accredited Capacity Calculation 

BPM-011 - Resource Adequacy

BPM- 008 - Outage Operations

SAC Templates for Central/North and South Regions - These templates are pre-filled with RA hours for each region, so please make sure you choose the correct on for your unit. The calculations are also built into the template.

SAC Templates Video - This video is less than 5 minutes and walks you through the SAC templates and what data is needed.

How to Use the Resource Adequacy Template - Step-by-step how to guide. 

MECT Tool Changes for Seasonal Accredited Capacity - This short video shows the changes in the MECT tool for Confirm/Convert SAC and the Seasonal Accredited Capacity Screen.

MECT User Guide - Re-vamped User Guide that shows screens and processes in the MECT tool.

Resource Adequacy/Seasonal Accredited Capacity FAQ - Frequently asked questions by customers. 

MISO Help Center - The Help Center is full of knowledge articles for further information and is where you will submit tickets if you have questions regarding your SAC values. Each unit you have questions on should have their own ticket. 


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