From the Market Portal homepage, click Launch MECT View/Submit from the Module E Capacity Tracking (MECT) box. 

1. Navigate to Planning Resources in the header menu.
2. Select Registrations.

3. Select Add External. 
4. Enter the Name of the External Resource. 
5 .Enter Description.
6. Use drop-down to select Asset Owner. 
7. Use drop-down to select Load Zone CP Node.
8. Use drop-down to select Local Balance Authority (LBA).
9. Check box if this is a CP Node Override
10. Check box if Resource is being registered as a BER/COR.  


11.  Add Document. 
12. Add Transmission Info for Firm Transmission to the MISO Border. 
13. Add Transmission Info for Firm Transmission within the MISO Transmission System.  

14. Select Status Options
15. Check box to Exclude Season. 
16. Select Generator Ownership
17. Use drop-down to select Generator.
18. Select Ownership Share Type
19. Enter Entitled Capacity
20. Add Generator
21. Enter Override in MW. 
22. Enter External Balancing Area where resource is located. 
23. Use drop-down to select Interface CP Node
24. Use drop-down to select NERC Regional Entity where resource is located.
25. Check box if this is a Use-Limited Resource.
26. Check box if this resource is from a Diversity Contract
27. Use drop-down to select IDC Names


28. You will enter information for each season by repeating steps 14-27.
29. Select checkboxes for acceptance. 

30. Enter Operator Contact Name. 
31. Enter Operator Contact Phone. 
32. Enter Operator Contact Email

33. Submit if registration is complete. Save Draft if you need to finish later. Cancel to go back to the 
      Registration Screen without making any changes.

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