Behind the Meter Generation is defined as a generation resource used to serve wholesale or retail load that is located behind a load CPNode. Market Participants may enroll Behind the Meter generation as a Load Modifying Resource using the Module E Capacity Tracking Tool. BTMG enrollment is required by March 1 prior to the Planning Year. However, to guarantee new resources can be used in a Load Serving Entity's FRAP, enrollment should be submitted no later than February 15 prior to the Planning Year. Only Certified Market Participants may enroll Behind the Meter Generation.

To enroll Behind the Meter generation, access the Module E Capacity Tracking Tool via the MISO Market Portal. If you do not have access to the MISO Market Portal, contact your Local Security Administrator for provisioning. 

Step-by-step Instructions

From the Market Portal homepage, click Launch MECT View/Submit from the Module E Capacity Tracking (MECT) box.

1. Navigate to Planning Resources in the header menu.
Select Registrations.

3. Select Add BTMG. 

4. Enter the Name of the BTMG.
5. Use the dropdown to select Asset Owner.
6. Use the dropdown to select Local Balance Authority (LBA).
7. Enter Description.
8. Use dropdown to select Load Zone CP Node.
9. Check box to override CP Node (this is only if the default CP Node options are incorrect).

10. Add Document.

11. Enter the Demand Reduction Capability Forecast. 

12. Enter Operator Contact Name.
13. Enter Operator Contact Phone.
14. Enter Operator Contact Email. 

15. Use the drop-down to select Measurement Protocol. 

16. Select Status Option.
17. Check the box if asset is to be excluded from season. 
18. Use drop-down to select Generators
19. Enter XEFORd Override.
20. Checkbox if asset is an Emergency Demand Response Resource.
21. Enter Max Interruptions.
22. Use drop-down to select Max Duration hours. 

23. Use drop-down to select Monthly Availability. 
24. Add Notification

25. You will enter information for each season by repeating steps 16-24.
26. Check boxes to accept statements. 

27. Submit if registration is complete. Save Draft if you need to finish later. Cancel to go back to the Registration Screen without making any changes. 


MECT User Guide

BPM-011 Resource Adequacy