1. Open the Excel transmission statement and navigate to the summary tab and highlight all cells (Ctrl-A) and apply the excel data filter.
  2. Insert this formula into column L row 2       =IF(OR(AND(G2="OISR", K2="NERCID"),AND(G2="Invoice",B2="NERCID")),I2,IF(G2="Invoice/OISR",0,(0-I2)+ABS(J2))).
  3. Change NERCID to your assigned NERCID.
  4. Copy formula down to all rows on the summary sheet.
  5. Set Schedule and Settlement filters to specific schedule and specific settlement. Example (Schedule 2, Settlement TS1).
  6.  Set Invoice/OISR filter to “Invoice/OISR”.   If the TS1 settlement has 4 “Invoice/OISR” lines, you must add the distribution amounts together and then take absolute value of that sum.  This can be accomplished using this formula =ABS(SUM(TS1_Distribution1, TS1_Distribution2, TS1_Distribution3, TS1_Distribution4))). This value is known as the “Invoice/OISR total value”.
  7. Set Invoice/OISR filter to “Invoice”.
  8. Sum of column L plus the “Invoice/OISR total value” should match the invoice line for the specific schedule and settlement.