Annually, Transmission Owners are required to submit to MISO populated versions of their applicable FERC-approved Formula Rate Template(s) (as well as supporting workpapers) used in determining their Annual Transmission Revenue Requirements (“ATRR”) calculations.  MISO review of these ATRRs is required prior to inclusion in MISO Transmission Rates.  Transmission Owners may use generic templates, a distinct set of entity-specific documents, or a combination of both.

As a Transmission Owner where can I download my blank FERC-approved Formula Rate templates?


You must be logged into the MISO Help Center to view your templates.  Once logged in:
  1. Navigate to and click the “TO Documents” tab in the upper righthand corner of the page; this should display a folder of blank templates for each Account that you are associated with. 
  2. Locate the applicable Account, select “Blank Templates” on the lefthand side, and the blank templates for that Account will be listed.  From there, click on each file individually to download and save to your computer.
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