Customer Connectivity Environment

MISO provides a Customer Connectivity Environment to allow customers to test new application features before they are deployed to the production environment. Access to applications in MISO’s Customer Connectivity Environment (CCE) requires a Local Security Administrator (LSA) to provision access using the Self-Service LSA tool in CCE.

Provisioning Access to the Customer Connectivity Environment

  1. To access the Self-Service LSA Tool in CCE, go to:

  2. Follow the prompts to select the digital certificate that is registered to the LSA account.

  3. Once in the CCE Market Portal, navigate to the Self-Service LSA (SSLSA) card 

  4. Choose the option to Create/Manage Portal User

    1. Selecting New presents a blank screen to enter User Information

    2. Selecting From Contacts presents a list of contacts specifically registered with MISO as a General Contact or an Authorized Contact (This function is intended for LSAs who are provisioning access to the Asset Registration Tool which leverages these user details to perform authorized contact validation

  5. ​​​​​​​Enter required User Information 

  6. Provision User Roles and Permissions - View available roles in the left column and assign roles using the arrows. Roles assigned to a Portal User will be displayed on the right. 

  7. Save

For more detailed information about the Self-Service LSA Tool, refer to the Self-Service LSA Tool User Guide.