GI Application - new primary contact procedure 

  1. The existing contact should ensure that the new contact is listed on the Attachment C for the project. (Do not remove the existing contact yet)
To update an Attachment C NDA:
  • Log in to the GI Online Application Tool and find your desired project
  • On the far right, click the User Actions button (···) and select “Non Disclosure”
  • Add or remove personnel as needed
  • When complete, click “Save and Continue”
  • New signatures are not required
  1. Next, have the new contact person complete an access request for the Online Application Tool:
  1. Once access is granted, the new contact should verify they are able to log in. They should see the application(s)
  1. After the new contact has verified they can see the Application(s), reach out to to request a contact update. The GI team will unlock the application, then the existing contact should update the Primary Contact info:
    1. Click on the application, then click the blue “Contact Information” link
    2. Enter the new Primary Contact info
    3. Click “Save and Continue” at the bottom of the page.
    4. Proceed to the final page of the application and submit.
    5. In the time since the submittal of the application, some new required technical information may have been added. Upon submittal, if you receive flags for these fields, please update them as well.
    6. After the app has been resubmitted, reply email to to let us know.

Please reach out to if you run into any issues.