1. Facilities that receive 30.9 credits are not under MISO’s functional control, nor are they within the definition of facilities under the Tariff that constitute the MISO “Transmission System.”
  2. The Network Customer, by receiving 30.9 credits, agrees that it is being fully compensated for the use of its facilities as part of the MISO system, and that MISO has a license to flow energy through the integrated facilities without further charge or claim.
  3. MISO is not automatically the NERC Reliability Coordinator or the Planning Coordinator for Customer facilities that receive 30.9 credits.  Those services must be obtained separately either from MISO or another entity; however, as a practical matter, the degree of integration and the voltage levels of the facilities may indicate that reliability issues are handled locally and would be difficult or impossible to resolve on one owner’s facilities without simultaneously and automatically resolving them on the entire group of facilities.
  4. The Network Customer retains any other contractual rights to the use of its 30.9 facilities, including the right to grant transmission service under its own tariff and to authorize load and generator interconnections on its facilities.  This may require a coordination agreement between the Customer and MISO for such activity if the Network Customer is not a member of an RTO with whom MISO has such an agreement.
  5. Section 30.9 permits, but does not require, the Network Customer to apply for the credits.  If the Network Customer does not wish to receive further credits, the process for receiving 30.9 Credits is simply reversed and the resulting zonal rates are reposted to OASIS.  The customer will pay the resulting NITS rate, without credit, from that point forward.