Terminate Schedule 2 Revenue


I currently receive Schedule 2 compensation, but I need to terminate revenue payments for a particular resource.  How do I do that using the Help Center?

This solution refers only to the administrative steps necessary to end Schedule 2 revenue.  It does not include or replace any requirements to make filings with FERC regarding a change in status, retire/suspend a generation resource, or otherwise take a generation resource out of service.

  1. To end Schedule 2 compensation the affected parties should review MISO’s Schedule 2 for notification requirements regarding the retirement, suspension, sale, or operations transfer of a generation resource.  Any necessary filings should be made directly with FERC with copies to MISO.


  1. A case should be opened in the MISO Help Center under Category: Supplemental Registration>Type: Schedule 2 – Reactive Power>Sub-Type: Terminate. The current MP/revenue recipient should indicate a Requested Effective Date and include the following information in the Description box:
    1. Affected generator(s) name(s)
    2. Affected generator(s) current annual revenue requirement(s)
    3. Affected generator(s) transmission pricing zone
    4. Docket number of the FERC Change in Status filing, if applicable.

The Schedule 2 Tariff can be accessed here: