Process to receive compensation for Schedule 2 - Reactive Power


How do I apply to receive compensation under Schedule 2 of the MISO Tariff?

Generation resources connected to MISO transmission facilities capable of producing and/or absorbing reactive power may be eligible for compensation under MISO’s Schedule 2.  Certain steps must be completed before compensation can begin, as follows:
  1. A representative of the generation resource must file a cost-based revenue requirement with FERC that is approved or accepted by FERC.  The representative of the generation resource must notify MISO at the time the revenue requirement is filed with FERC and at the time it is approved or accepted by FERC with copies emailed to
  1. The Market Participant representing the generation resource for Schedule 2 compensation purposes must open a case via the Help Center under Category: Supplemental Registration > Type: Schedule 2 Reactive Power > Sub-Type: Add. 
    1. An Account must be selected from the Account dropdown field. 
    2. The case must be opened by an authorized person as defined by the Market Registration BPM: (1) General Contact, (2) Authorized Contact, (3) Officer of the company, or (4) Mayor of a City or Municipality.  Only authorized contacts of Market Participants will see Schedule 2 as a case category option.  If you do not see Schedule 2 as an option in the dropdown, please reach out to your Client Services and Readiness representative to determine next steps. 
    3. The Entity Code identified in the Account field will be the NERC ID used by Transmission Settlements for compensation.
    4. All fields must be populated at case opening.  The user will not have the ability to complete fields after the case has been submitted.  Omission of data may delay the implementation of the Schedule 2 revenue requirement.
      1. FERC Docket Number: A FERC docket number must be included at case opening. A case cannot be opened prior to submitting a filing directly to FERC.
      2. Filing Entity Information: Enter the information for the entity that made the filing with FERC. (This may not be the entity opening the Help Center case.)
      3. Schedule 2 Relationship Type: This is the relationship between the entity opening the Help Center case and the generation resource. (EX. generation owner, off-taker via PPA, designated Market Participant, energy manager, etc.)
      4. Requested Effective Date:  The requested date for compensation to begin.  (Please note – The revenue requirement may not be implemented as requested as the timing depends on the completion of all Schedule 2 requirements.)
      5. Filing Attorney Name, Company, Email:  Information for the attorney making the associated FERC filing.
      6. CP Node, Common Name, Transmission Pricing Zone:  For each generation resource for which compensation is requested, provide the CP Node, common name, and Transmission Pricing Zone information.  If the filing represents more than five resource, please open a second case for the additional generation resources. 
  2. MISO must review and accept a Schedule 2 Certification Statement designating the generation resource as a Qualified Generator.
    1. The generation resource must have achieved commercial operation before the Certification may be submitted.
    2. The Certification must be completed and attached to the Schedule 2 case opened in the Help Center stating that the generation resource meets the technical requirements listed in MISO’s Schedule 2.  Please do not open an additional case to submit the Certification.
    3. The Certification should be submitted at the time a case is opened, if possible. However, if necessary, the Certification may be attached to an already opened Schedule 2 case a later date.
    4. The Certification must be submitted and accepted by MISO no later than the first day of the month in which compensation is requested.  MISO has 15 days to review the Certification before it must accept or provide notice of a deficiency. 
    5. The blank Certification can be accessed within the Help Center case, or via the following link: .  Choose Supplemental Registration, then Self-Certification Statement under Schedule 2.

4. The party that opened the Schedule 2 case in the Help Center may check the status of the case at any time by navigating to the My Open Cases section of the Help Center and clicking the case number.

The Schedule 2 Tariff can be accessed here:
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