The MISO Communication System (MCS) sends out notifications of Real-Time issues related to real time operations such as weather alerts, maintenance that may impact operator systems or tools, emergency operating conditions, operator drills, and issues impacting the open or close of the Day-Ahead and Real Time markets.

To access the MCS, a member will need to coordinate with their company’s Local Security Administrator (LSA) to be provided a certificate to access the MCS with the necessary roles provisioned.

Members can receive messages from the MCS in several ways:

  • If you’re an MCS user (MP, LBA, TOP, MISO Control Room Operator) that uses the browser based MCS application, you can check which MCS message type that you will want to receive an email notification as outlined in the MCS User Guide (accessible from the MCS itself):
  • The Shift Manager may also elect to include additional distribution lists for some types of MCS messages.
  • The Shift Manager may also elect to target the message to specific . We hit some specific communication groups on the LISTS server and if you’re a person that is part of that list then you might get it that way.
  • Any publicly posted MCS messages may also be received and/or viewed the following means:
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