MCS exploder list for Email notifications of Max Gen and Conservative Ops.

Individuals would need an MCS account-  if the person has MCS access, they can set up their preferences to receive notification emails which is outlined in the MCS User Guide

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MCS sends emails in about 5 different ways:

  1. If you’re an MCS user that uses the browser based MCS application we built, you can check a preference on your user account to receive emails when certain types of MCS messages are sent. (most don’t receive the emails this way, but some do)
  2. The shift manager can elect to include some MISO distro lists (like the famous *RTOpsNotification distro) and then you might receive the email that way if your part of a distro they included.
  3. The shift manager can also elect to target the message to the LISTS server. We hit some specific communication groups on the LISTS server and if you’re a person that is part of that list then you might get it that way.
  4. Website Notifications:  Notifications (
  5. The Max Gen Communications in late June of 2021 were posted publicly, and went to the MISO app.