How far back can I revise peak loads?
Peak load revisions will be accepted for the 12 months preceding the current billing cycle.  No resettlements outside of this period will be processed unless a FERC order is received.

What is the deadline to submit revisions?
The deadline to submit revisions is 12:00 AM EST on the last day of the month.  Due to the automated nature of the system, no exceptions will be considered.

When will revisions be processed?
Revisions will be processed using the resettlement cadence TS0, TS1, TS4, TS8, TS12.  The system will consume and process adjustments in the next cycle unless a FERC order requires an R resettlement for periods outside of the normal cadence.

How do I submit revisions?
Submit revisions via the Market Portal for automated processing. Adjustments will be displayed on the appropriate settlement instance tab (TS1, TS4, TS8, TS12) of the billing statement.


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