How can a MISO Transmission Owner access and use Sharefile for file exchanges?

Please find the Transmission Owners Sharefile User Manual below.  This manual explains how to establish Sharefile Access, and how to use the Tool.

ShareFile User Manual
NOTE: ShareFile is not a file repository. Files will be deleted after 30 days of being located on ShareFile, so we have turned notifications on for when files are uploaded to these folders. If MISO has uploaded a file to this folder, please download it as soon as you receive notification.

Logging in to ShareFile

If you have already used ShareFile, you may navigate to “” and login through the “MISO Stakeholder Login” optio

If you have not previously used ShareFile, locate the email notifying that a folder has been shared with you and click “Click here to activate your account and view this folder”. You will be asked to confirm your name, company, and provide a password.

Navigating Sharefile

  1. Once logged in, navigate to the “Shared Folders” page under the “Folders” section in the left navigation page

2.  Folders assigned to each TO that you have been granted permission to access will show up in this location. If there is a TO whose folder you see that you don’t need access to, or a TO whose folder you don’t see that you need to access, please let us know.

3.Inside each TO folder, there will be folders for both rate updates and the ROE order (what subfolders you have will depend on if you are a forward-looking or historical TO).

Submitting and Downloading Files

  1. Navigate into the folder that indicates what year you will be submitting for, and click either the “Browse Files” option, drag a file onto the screen, or hover over the “+” and select “Upload” to submit the necessary files

2.To download files, click the check box to the left of the files you wish to download and then click “Download”.