MISO Annual Customer Relationship Survey

MISO conducts an annual customer relationship survey to understand how to best serve its members, stakeholders and market participants. Feedback received from the annual survey is used to identify and secure improvements in MISO’s support model, communications, and processes.

The annual survey is distributed three (3) times per year, through random selection, with each contact having the opportunity to provide feedback once annually. While distribution dates may vary, it is often distributed in March, June and September. By distributing the survey in this manner, MISO is able to quickly identify trends and adjust support models to meet the needs of our customers.

Results received through the annual survey are confidential and reported at an aggregate sector level only. Annual survey performance is a primary MISO metric and is reported to the MISO Board of Directors.

The MISO Customer Experience team is responsible for designing and administering annual survey on behalf of MISO. The annual survey is administered using Qualtrics, a software designed to support customer feedback.  The annual survey is distributed using this address: To avoid being filtered as SPAM we recommend adding this address to your contacts.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Who should I contact with questions about the Customer Experience Annual survey?
A.  For all questions pertaining to customer surveys, you can contact

Q.  How will I know that the email invitation is not a phishing scam?
A.  Our survey will come from the following address:  The survey will only solicit your opinion; there will be no request for personal information.  To ensure that your invitation does not go to a SPAM or Junk folder, you can whitelist the address above in your inbox.

Q.  I didn’t receive an invitation to the survey, can I still participate?
A.  We purposefully spread out our yearly survey invitation throughout the year, so if you are not included in the current wave, you may be already set aside for a future wave.  However, if you want to make sure that you are on the list, please contact us at

Q.  May I forward my invite to a colleague?
A.  Unfortunately, we ask that you not send your invitation to another person.  Your invite is tied to your company and individual email.  Having someone else complete your survey could skew our results.  If you would like to recommend a colleague for our invitation list, please contact us at to have them added.

Q.  When will I know if I have been selected to receive a survey invitation?
A.  Our invitations go out three (3) times per year:  in April, June and August.  If you have not received an invitation yet, it is possible that you are scheduled to receive one later this year.

Q.  I accidentally deleted my invitation.  Can I get a new one?
A.  Yes, just contact to have your invitation re-sent.

Q.  I don’t want to receive an invitation to participate in the CX Annual Survey, can I unsubscribe?
A.  Yes, there is a link at the bottom of each email invitation that will allow you to opt out of receiving further invitations for this survey.

Q.  I would like a PDF copy of the survey.
A.  Please contact your local representative or for a PDF version of the survey.

Q.  Will anyone see my responses?
A.  Your responses will be confidential.  Feedback is only reported at an aggregated level, not an individual level.

Q.  How did I get on this invitation list?
A.  MISO randomly selects respondents from our overall pool of customer contacts.

Q.  How is this feedback used?
A.  MISO analyzes customer feedback for ways to improve the overall customer experience and to help understand our many types of customers better.