As a Market Participant or MDMA, after you have uploaded a meter file, you can check the status of uploaded meter files by accessing the “View Metering Data” screen. This screen is accessible via the “View Metering Data” screen on the MISO Market Portal. Only files that have been validated will be available to view. 


Once uploaded, files will be renamed by the system according to the first 50 characters of the file name. A unique identifier will be added to the end of the file name. If a file name is greater than 50 characters, the name will be truncated at the 50 character mark, with the identifier added after. If the file name is fewer than 50 characters, the entire file name will appear, with the identifier at the end. 


MISO strongly suggests Market Participants and MDMAs utilize an easily identifiable code or name within the first 50 characters 


For more information regarding Meter Data related questions please see the Meter Data folder on the MISO website.