Meter Data Management Agents (MDMAs) can verify updates to agent contact information from the MDMA Change of Information Page.

Follow these steps to change your Meter Data Management Agent information: 

1) Log into the Market Portal; 

2) Look for the Metering Data “card,” then click on MDMA Change of Information; 

3) Click on the appropriate “Contact Change” line in the “Change of Information Submitted column. 

All changes are listed in the order in which they were submitted. If any data is incorrect, make changes within the appropriate fields. Don’t forget to select a contact type 

4) To save any updated data, click “Save.” To delete a contact, select “Inactivate; and 

5) When finished, select “Cancel” to return to the Change of MDMA Contact Information Page. 


For more information regarding Meter Data related questions please see the Meter Data  

folder on the MISO website.