In the MISO region, customer-facing utilities are responsible for making sure they can meet their customers’ energy needs. State utility commissions and Relevant Electric Retail Regulatory Authorities (RERRAs) have authority over customer-facing utilities – referred to as Load-Serving Entities (LSEs) in MISO, within their jurisdictions.  MISO’s annual Planning Resource Auction (PRA), with multiple options for LSEs to meet resource adequacy, complements RERRA jurisdiction oversight for the construction of additional capacity.   Pursuant to the MISO Tariff, state commissions and RERRAs retain their authority to establish and enforce compliance with state and regional resource adequacy standards. For example, a state regulatory body may establish a state specific PRM that is higher or lower than the PRM determined by MISO and require it be applied to a Load Serving Entity’s Demand under that state’s jurisdiction.  

 For more information on resource planning at MISO, please see BPM 011 – Resource Adequacy