MISO utilizes two Control Modes to retrieve and direct Resource Operating Mode in real time. Market Participants are required to update the Control Mode to match the Resource’s operating capabilities.  

  1. CTLM  control mode coming from the resource (Retrieval) 

  1. UMOD  control mode the Unit Dispatch System (UDS) sends to the resource (Directive) 

    Control Modes allow a
     Resource to tell MISO what status they are in. It also allows the MISO Unit Dispatch System (UDS) to communicate the desired operating mode to a Resource.


  3. Market Participants are required to change the Control Mode to match their resources' operating capabilities.

Operating Modes  are as follows: 

  • 0 = Offline 
    (indicates Resource is NOT available to the market) 


  • 1 = Online, NOT capable of regulating  
    (indicates Resource is available for Dispatch Target for Energy and/or Contingency Reserve deployment) 


  • 2 = Online, capable of Regulating  
    (indicates Resource is available for Regulating Reserve Deployment, Dispatch Target for Energy, and/or Contingency Reserve deployment) 


  • 3 = Off Control  
    (indicates Resource is online but off control  



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