MISO retrieves and directs the real time Resource Operating Mode via two Control Modes. 

1) CTLM – Control mode coming from the resource (Retrieval). CTLM provides Resource status communication to MISO. Resources must change the Control Mode to match operating capabilities.  
UMOD – Control mode the Unit Dispatch System (UDS) sends to the resource (Directive). UMOD communicates the UDS desired operating mode to the Resource.


Operating Modes:

  • 0 = Offline 
    (indicates Resource is NOT available to the market) 


  • 1 = Online, NOT capable of regulating  
    (indicates Resource is available for Energy and/or Contingency Reserve Target) 


  • 2 = Online, capable of Regulating  
    (indicates Resource is available for Regulating Reserve Deployment, as well as Energy and/or Contingency Reserve Dispatch Target) 


  • 3 = Off Control  
    (indicates Resource is online but not following dispatch)




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