After submitting an MP application, here is what you can expect next.
MISO will review the responses to the Required Applications Sections and request the appropriate Legal documents.

The following documents are required from all MPs:

    • MISO Signatory Page, Form of Market Participant Agreement;
    • W9 – Request for Taxpayer Identification Number;
    • Universal Non-Disclosure  Agreement (UNDA);
    • Annual Certification and Annual Disclosure Forms; and
    • Initial Credit Requirement Worksheet.

The following Legal forms may be needed depending on the application responses to questions A-J:  
    • Cash Collateral Agreement;
    • Security Interest Agreement;
    • Irrevocable Letter of Credit and Credit Security Agreement; and
    • LOC/CG Primer.
    • Asset Registration documents (Sections 11, 12, 14, 19, 20 or 22, depending on the Asset)
Once the appropriate forms are submitted, the MISO Credit Department will reach out to the credit contacts listed on the MP application to begin the credit requirements.
Reference: MISO Market Participation (
  • Market Participation Initial Steps:
  • Asset Registration documents:
  • Credit forms:
Level 100 Market Participant and Asset Registration
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