Market Participants can participate in the Planning Resources Auction with resources that were not able to submit a real power test by the October 31 deadline but can submit testing by the last business day in May.  ICAP Deferrals allow Market Participants to participate in the Planning Resource Auction using Zonal Resource Credits that have been credited to the following:  


  • an untested new Planning Resource;  

  • an existing Planning Resource that is returning to operation from a catastrophic outage or suspension;  

  • an existing Planning Resource increasing its capability through increases to GVTC or Interconnection Service (IS);  

  • a Planning Resource awaiting other miscellaneous resource approvals to achieve commercial operation;  

  • an existing Planning Resource where the Market Participant’s GVTC extension request was denied or the Market Participant missed the GVTC submittal deadline and failed to request an extension; or  

  • an existing Planning Resource that is currently in an approved “Suspend” status.  



More information on ICAP Deferral can be found in the Resource Adequacy BPM 011