Generator Availability Data System (GADS) data can be directly input into MISO PowerGADS or imported.  There are four types of data that get submitted:

  • Generator Test (card 90)
  • Performance (card 95)
  • Event (card 97)
  • Fuel (card 99)

In order to input data, it must first be in a comma separated values (CSV) file format.
To input performance, event and fuel data, please navigate (in MISO PowerGADS) to Operation Data> Data Import> Click to Upload, choose the CSV file format, select the CSV file, and import card.  You can also import data in other file formats.
For generator test data you would navigate to Operation Data> Verification Data> Net Capacity Verification Data Import> Import, select the CSV file, and import card.
Here is a link to the CSV templates