The UNDA is used for disclosure of Confidential Information to MISO Members and Market Participants on an entity-wide basis.   

  • The UNDA must be signed and dated by an authorized representative of the entity. 
  • The Appendix A of the UNDA should list all employees and/or consultants working for the entity who need access to MISO confidential Information. 
  • Employees names, titles and functional designation must be typed clearly on the Appendix A. 
  • Each employee and/or consultant must list a FERC required functional designation as a Merchant/Market, Transmission/Reliability or N/A (only with required accompanying documentation). 

The CEII NDA is required for disclosure of CEII and must be signed and dated on an individual basis (each individual seeking access to CEII signs a separate CEII NDA). 

Individuals should only submit a CEII to MISO once they have been added to the UNDA of their organization.


For more information, visit the MISO Help Center.

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