A Demand response (DR) test should demonstrate demand reduction capability for a minimum of 1-hour duration with an attestation that the DR is capable of continuing for a minimum of 4 consecutive hours. The following adjustments shall occur when applicable:

  • Test results should be adjusted to MISO Coincident Peak conditions.
  • Adjustments shall not exceed 50% of each DR and may include, but not limited to, factors such as temperature, humidity, and/or other process load variations.
  • Adjustments to test results should be documented and submitted with the test results to support the capacity accreditation for the DR.
  • Adjustments to DR test results are subject to MISO review and approval during the LMR registration process.  
    DR are required to demonstrate performance of at least 50% of their registered capability via Scheduling Instructions from a MISO Event or conduct a real power test.
  • If a DR is only able to demonstrate at 50% to 80% of their intended registered MW capability, an attestation from an officer of the Market Participant registering the DR, or from a financially responsible entity, must be provided to MISO during the registration process documenting the reasons for the difference between the registered capability and the demonstrated amount (i.e. industrial process, temperature, etc.).
  • If demonstrating greater than 80% of the registered capability, the DR shall only need to provide documentation supporting the adjustments made to normalize the MW capability to summer peak conditions.

BPM-11 Resource Adequacy  

Level 100 Demand Response as a Resource
Level 100 Energy and Operating Reserves Markets
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