MISO’s Day Ahead close time is 10:30 EPT. As long as the E-tag status is reviewed and updated to APPROVED by MISO before the Day Ahead close time, the request will be considered for inclusion   in the Day Ahead Market. If the status has not updated to APPROVED, or it was updated AFTER 10:30 EPT, the request will NOT be included. 

You can verify the approval status of the tag on the Market Clearing Screen on the OATI (Open Access Transmission Information) website. The following screenshots can be used as a guide to navigate to that information in OATI: 







Normally, MISO will respond to Day Ahead requests between 13:30-14:00 EPT. For any hours that MISO’s cleared MWs differs from the MW requested by the Market Participant, MISO will issue a Market Adjustment to the E-tag; requesting a profile change to match MISO’s cleared results. Regardless of whether the request is approved, MISO will settle the Day Ahead Market schedule based on the profile in the adjustment request. If MISO does not issue an adjustment, you can assume to have fully cleared in the Day Ahead Market. 



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